California parrot advocate educates people and saves lives through Facebook
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September 4, 2013

Salvatore Angius lives in the beautiful state of California. He looked up and realized that not only the clouds decorated the sky, he saw the beautiful feathers in different hues of green that brought to life his devotion and photographic talent for the beautiful parrots. He has a website that is called Californiaflocks. In it, he documents every active naturalized parrot flock species within the state of California.  More…

How One Man Is Saving Parrots Through Facebook
Published by The Huffington Post
August 24, 2013

To say that Salvatore Angius has a passion for parrots is an understatement. Angius, based out of Long Beach, Calif., is the creator of Californiaflocks, a preservation “dedicated to tracking, filming, photographing, and documenting the vast and diverse species of naturalized parrots throughout California”. “People look at these birds and think they’re escaped pets, and some will even try to rescue them, but shouldn’t do so,” Angius tells The Huffington Post. More…

The Wild Parrots of Long Beach
Published by Press Telegram
August 20, 2013 

Long Beach, Calif. Wild parrots in Belmont Shore. The parrots are called Mitred Conures and are native to South America. Salvatore Angius of is trying to bring awareness to the Long Beach flock. More…

Wild California Parrots Making Baby Parrots
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March 20, 2013

California parrots are out to populate the nation, starting with the Red-crowned Amazon stars of a new video from Californiaflocks. Move over, wild parrots of Telegraph Hill. You’ve got competition from your feathered friends down south. Salvatore Angius, the filmmaker behind Californiaflocks, said that he has filmed  13 parrot species in over 30 cities in his quest to raise awareness of the charming birds. More…

Cageless Survivors
Published by Mid Valley News
November 14, 2012

Throughout California, I have  filmed thirteen parrot species in over thirty cities to date. Of the  current thirteen species of California naturalized parrot flocks filmed, the largest in both flock member population and  species diversity occurs in various cities throughout California’s San Gabriel Valley.  More…

Bakersfield’s old world parrot flock
Published by The Bakersfield Californian
April 14, 2012

We found this artfully produced video on Indian Ringneck Parakeets here in Bakersfield, and it’s an informative guide to the species, which makes its home here. While it’s not uncommon for wild parrots or parakeets to live in California — as the YouTube channel masterfully chronicles — but it is uncommon to find non-New World species. The video’s producer suggests the birds can be found in other cities around California but this is the only type of Old World parrot to be found in the state. The YouTube channel is called Californiaflocks and the producer shows flocks in Long Beach, Pasadena, Orange, Downey, Malibu, Cerritos, Arcadia and Santa Ana. More

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