About Us

Creator of Californiaflocks, has become dedicated to tracking, filming, photographing, and documenting the vast and diverse species of naturalized parrots throughout California. During his observations, Salvatore has gradually developed a profound respect for these magnificent animals. Moreover, Salvatore feels fortunate to explore their generally unfamiliar worlds and experience a seldomly seen side of these birds. Salvatore began Californiaflocks with various California parrot video clips shown on YouTube displaying the habits, foods and behavior of these parrots. With a growing appreciation for these parrots, he later created a Facebook page for easy access photo updates as well. While Salvatore is currently working on a documentary project for these parrots, he happily finds time to continue updating both channels for his viewers.

Growing up in Lima, Peru. An animal lover who owned many bird species since childhood. Although she no longer owns any, she enjoys learning the lives of her local parrot flocks. She started getting involved in Californiaflocks two years ago. She assists Salvatore photographing and filming the Naturalized Parrots throughout California.