Our Project

The Wild Lives of California’s Parrots

Salvatore Angius, creator of Californiaflocks, has filmed countless hours of video footage while documenting and closely observing the rarely seen naturalized lives of these determined survivors. In what began as a last resort search for two of his own escaped parrots, Salvatore has closely searched and followed thirteen different parrot species. While recovering his pets proved unsuccessful, Salvatore became fascinated with an astonishing new world. The world of California’s naturalized free-flying parrots.

Salvatore’s next logical step is to comprise a full length documentary portraying the different parrot species, their behavior, and the stories behind their arrivals. These scenes will be based on Salvatore’s personally eye witnessed observations along with possible appearances and information from research experts as well. They will consist of never before seen documented stories with corresponding wild footage.

While currently imagining the idea of these colorful birds living in our dull cities may require some time of getting used to, Salvatore feels that he will not only fascinate his viewers with these highly animated, intelligent, and very social birds, but he also feels that they may gain the status of the diamonds in our rough.

Salvatore is also available to conduct presentations on these parrots to civic groups, schools, and universities. With both video clips and photographs, Salvatore will happily share his amazing and informative works with viewers. He will also gladly provide answers to many questions as well.