“You can take the parrot out of the jungle but you cannot take that jungle out of our parrots”. – Salvatore Angius

Welcome to the wildside of California’s parrots. This site is dedicated to the updated research and admiration of California’s Naturalized Parrots. Over the past years we have strongly dedicated our time in studying, documenting, filming, and photographing every current naturalized parrot species in California. In doing so, we have successfully located flocks in over thirty five cities to date. Despite being locally documented since the 1960′s, we believe that population numbers and other aspects are constantly changing within their naturalized worlds. To better understand these diverse changes, constant monitoring as well as continuous updates would be required. As we continue to publicly share these updates with our dedicated viewers, our target is generating an appreciation through awareness for California’s free flying parrots. We feel that as these parrots are part of California’s beauty, this makes them ours to appreciate free and naturally.

In our searches, we have successfully tracked and documented every active naturalized parrot flock species within our state. However, we feel we are only truly scratching the surface in understanding the lives these wild parrots lead. Therefore, we believe that just as Rome was not built in a day, we still have a long road ahead of us on a project designed to better understanding and appreciating the wild lives of parrots in California.