How Much are Sun Conure Birds? Find Amazing Deals Now!

How Much are Sun Conure Birds

Sun Conure birds, also known as Aratinga solstitialis, are a popular choice for pet bird enthusiasts. With their vibrant colors and lively personalities, these small to medium-sized parrots have captured the hearts of many bird lovers. If you are considering adding a Sun Conure to your family, one of the key things you need to know is how much they cost.

The Price Range

The price of a Sun Conure bird can vary depending on several factors, including the breeder, the age of the bird, the bird’s genetics, and the region where you live. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $600 for a Sun Conure.

Factors Affecting the Price

1. Breeder Reputation: Reputable breeders who have spent years working with the species and have a good reputation for healthy and well-socialized birds usually charge more for their Sun Conures. This is because they invest time, effort, and resources into breeding healthy birds that will thrive in their new homes.

2. Age: Younger Sun Conures tend to be more expensive than older ones. This is because they require more time and effort to hand-raise and socialize. Baby Sun Conures are usually more expensive, while older birds that are already trained may be available at a lower price.

3. Genetics: Certain color mutations of Sun Conures, such as the pineapple or cinnamon variety, may be more expensive due to their rarity. These unique colorations are in high demand among bird enthusiasts, which can drive up the price.

4. Location: The cost of Sun Conures can also vary depending on your geographical location. Birds available in areas with a high demand for exotic birds or limited availability may be priced higher compared to regions with a larger supply.

How Much are Sun Conure Birds? Find Amazing Deals Now!


How Much are Sun Conure Birds? Find Amazing Deals Now!


Additional Costs

It’s important to note that the purchase price of a Sun Conure is not the only expense you will incur. There are additional costs associated with owning and caring for a pet bird, including:

1. Cage And Accessories

A suitable cage for a Sun Conure can range in price from $100 to $300, depending on the size and quality. You will also need to purchase perches, toys, dishes, and other accessories to make your bird feel comfortable and entertained. These items can add an additional $50 to $100 or more to your initial investment.

2. Food And Treats

A balanced diet is crucial for the health of your Sun Conure. The cost of food and treats will vary depending on the brand and type of diet you choose. On average, a monthly supply of high-quality bird pellets and fresh fruits and vegetables can cost around $30 to $50.

3. Veterinary Care

Regular check-ups and preventive healthcare are essential for keeping your Sun Conure healthy. Annual veterinary visits can cost approximately $50 to $100, and additional expenses may arise if your bird needs any medical treatments or vaccinations.

Frequently Asked Questions On How Much Are Sun Conure Birds? Find Amazing Deals Now!

How Much Does A Sun Conure Bird Cost In The Us?

The average cost of a Sun Conure bird in the US ranges from $300 to $600, depending on factors such as age, breed, and location.

Why Are Sun Conure Birds So Expensive?

Sun Conure birds are relatively expensive due to their striking colors, playful nature, and high demand in the pet market. Additionally, breeding and caring for these birds requires expertise and specialized equipment.

Are Sun Conure Birds Good Pets For Beginners?

While Sun Conure birds are known for their friendly and affectionate nature, they may not be the best choice for beginners due to their high energy levels, loud calls, and need for social interaction.

How Long Do Sun Conure Birds Live?

On average, Sun Conure birds have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years in captivity, but with proper care and nutrition, they can live up to 30 years or more.


Sun Conure birds are a delightful companion pet with their lively nature and stunning colors. When considering the cost of a Sun Conure, it’s essential to factor in not only the purchase price but also the additional expenses involved in providing proper care and maintenance for your feathered friend. By understanding the various factors that can affect the price and budgeting accordingly, you can ensure that you are prepared to provide a loving and fulfilling life for your Sun Conure.

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